Artificial intelligence in the field of education

Artificial intelligence in the field of education

"Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality. "  – Yann LeCun Professor, New York University

Artificial Intelligence is a system producing and studying the machines aimed to simulate human behaviour and intelligence systems. This process trains a machine to learn common human behaviour and then enhance its knowledge by learning new things on a daily basis. AI is quite helpful in the field of medical, security, travel etc however I would like to focus here on education system. 

Roles Of AI In Education

Adoption of technology in education is improving the way we teach and learn. Artificial Intelligence is one of the unique techniques to improve the experience of different learning groups, teachers, and students.

·        Personalized learning - Artificial Intelligence helps find out what a student does and does not know, building a personalized study schedule for each learner considering the knowledge gaps. To do it, many companies train their AIs, taking into account the complexity of scientific concepts relations between each other (one can stimulate the learning of another or become a basis for filling in the gap).

·        Smart Content - Digital learning interfaces with customization options, digital textbooks, study guides, bite-sized lessons, and much more can be generated with the help of AI.

·        Information visualization- New ways of perceiving information, such as visualization, simulation, web-based study environments, can be powered by AI.

·        Task Automation - Administrative tasks simplification: grading, assessing, and replying to students is a time-consuming activity that could be optimized by the teacher using AI. Entrusting a set of routine tasks to AI helps teachers make room for something more important: concentrating on grading the assignments impossible to delegate to Artificial Intelligence, self-education, upgrading the quality of the lessons.

·        Ensure Access To Education For Students With Special Needs. The adoption of innovative AI technologies opens up new ways of interacting for students with learning disabilities. AI grants access to education for students with special needs: deaf and hard of hearing, visually impaired, people with ASD…

Benefits Of AI For Students

·        Access to Learning - With AI helpers based online, students always have access to learning. They are free to plan their day without being linked to a specific place. They can study on the go; at any place and time they want. They can build their schedule based on their most productive hours.

·        Better Engagement- Individualized schedules, custom tasks, interaction with digital technologies, and personal recommendations are part of the personal approach each student gets using AI. Besides, a personal approach helps students feel special, increasing their engagement and raising interest in studies in such a way.

·        Less Pressure - Lessons tailored to the needs of different learning groups allow students to stop comparing them to each other. Earlier, a student should have asked a teacher for help in front of the class. Now, it’s enough to type a query using a personal virtual assistant and get an instant explanation.

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