Eloquent Speaker

    Eloquent Speaker is a part of "Global Orator for Kids" program. 

    Total Sessions: 45


    • No of session : 15


    • No of session :15


    • No of session : 15


    • It helps to achieve etiquette of social skill. 
    • It helps to improve fluency of reading and speaking. 
    • It helps to improve confidence and technique of content delivery. 
    • It helps to eliminate barrier of social communication. 
    • It helps to adapt performance speech in circumstantial concept.
    • It helps to develop emerging a classified and confident personality.

    About Global Orator for Kids : 

    • A specially curated package not just to enhance language learning of the child but also imparting Value Education.
    • Milestone based learning; the child is taught the basic etiquette of being the social communicator.
    • Helping child gain excellence in Oratory and parts there of - storytelling, debates, public speeches, and the list goes on...
    • Not just the development of social skills, an overall growth of cognitive skills of the  child takes place.
    • Stress on making the child learn the correct usage of technology to derive the maximum benefit, gaining the confidence to become a youtuber, starting a blog or even a stage speaker.
    • Provides 360° enhancement of child personality development, not just to communicate but how to be the best amongst the rest
    • Your child learns the art of self-adjustment to the natural habitat

    Global Orator for Kids

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